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Film Transfers


The truth is we love film, and our customers know it.  That's why we are chosen by so many individuals, historical societies and organizations to digitize and transfer their film archives.  It's not just because we have the skills and technology to do it.  It's because we have a passion for it.


"Imagewërks believes in the preservation

of our film heritage

as historical and cultural documents."

We've been working with film and video since the early 1980's and are one of the few film transfer services that has gone exclusively to high-definition (HD) digitization in our  process.  The systems we employ for all film formats are FRAME DISCRETIONARY, which means that each frame of film is captured as a single frame of video without any superimposition or frame "blending" in the capture process that can occur with other transfer methods.  This allows us the highest degree of control over speed and image corrections for color-shifted aging filmstocks originally shot at a variety of speeds.


We work with 8mm, Super-8, and 16mm silent & sound film.  Not sure what you have?
Mouse over the formats below for a description (and a little history) of film formats.

Click here for a printable template of common

home movie film formats.

Film Transfer Pricing Guide

Film transfers are priced at .20 cents per running foot of film, sound or silent, which includes the master Blu-ray Disc(s).


If you would prefer to have DVD transfers of your films we can accommodate you, but be aware that DVD's are NOT high-definition and do not take full advantage of our our high-definition transfer process and todays high-definition televisions.   For a better understanding of video resolutions, check out our short tutorial here.